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Reasons to choose Baxi on Powerflush

Power flushing & system maintenance

At Hollis Heating we know how important it is to treat your existing radiators and pipe work before installing a new boiler. Over time sludge and debris will build up in pipes and radiators which can affect the performance of your system and stop radiators heating up properly. In addition, the sludge will also filter back to your boiler which is why we are extremely passionate about power flushing existing systems before installing a new boiler. Here are a few very important reasons for power flushing;

First and foremost, if your system is not treated it will affect the efficiency and general performance/working life of your new boiler.

Secondly, if a power flush has not been carried out before your new boiler is fitted and you happen to have a problem with your boiler, the manufacturer may not honour your boilers warranty. This is due to the fact that the existing radiators and pipes could be the cause of the problem. To avoid this we recommend power flushing the complete system, so if the manufacturer does have to be called in, all guidelines have been followed for installation.

Thirdly, by not carrying out a power flush, fuel costs can increase by up to an incredible 35%.

Lastly and most importantly, we like to leave our customers 100% satisfied that we have completed a thorough boiler installation and that they will not have any problems for years to come.

For extra care and protection to the boiler itself we also like to fit a magnetic cleaner to the heating return pipe, this is located just before the boiler. Fitting a magnetic cleaner is by no means a substitute for power flushing, but they do help protect your boiler over the years and can be accessed easily for maintenance. In conjunction to this we also fit a scale reducer to the cold water supply for the new boiler, combination or system. Kent is a hard water area so a scale reducer will also aid with the prolonged, efficient functioning of your new boiler.

If you'd like to find out more please call us on 01795 473170 or send an email via our contact page.

Please take a look at this short clip of one of our many power flushes to an old heating system before we fitted the new Baxi boiler.

Take a look at the colour of the water ! It should be clear before the new boiler is installed otherwise this is what will circulate through it causing problems and invalidate your warranty.